The Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is a 501(c)(3) organization and an ARRL Special Service Club that has been active since 1976. BARC holds monthly meetings, offers license classes and educational programs, and engages in emergency preparedness and public service activities. BARC serves the Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Twp area of Dayton, OH.

BARC Dinner & A Movie” (10/25)

Thursday 25th October at 7:00 p.m. in the BARC Clubhouse is Dinner and Movie Night!

Plan to attend with your significant other for a great meal, a good movie and the usual Fun, Food and Fellowship with your BARC Friends!

BARC - Tech Night - Second Thursday of every month

BARC Tech Night (11/08)

BARC Tech Night will be held monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 7:00 PM and all members and guests are invited and encouraged to attend for an educational evening. Some Tech Nights may have a presentation or demonstration about using the available test equipment for testing, evaluating and repairing equipment, or other related topics.

BARC September General Membership Meeting - 3rd Thursday

Nov 15th: “Portable/Off-Grid Digital Operations”, Roger Parrett NQ8RP

7:00 PM: Pre-meeting Hospitality & Refreshments
7:30 PM: Regular monthly Club meeting
Program Presentation:
Business meeting: Follows Presentation

2018 Scheduled Meeting Presentations
Nov: “Portable/Off-Grid Digital Operations”,
Roger Parrett NQ8RP
Dec: “VLF Experiments”, Brian Dukes KI8FW

Meeting Location