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Fourth Winlink Thursday

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This is the Fourth Thursday with a more challenging exercise. We will take
advantage of the design of Winlink Templates as described in the Winlink
Form Instructions:

>From the ICS 213 Winlink Form Instructions:

*“This initial 213 HTML can be used outside of Winlink Express. So, a
non-Express user can create an initial ICS213, SAVE the data, and then pass
that SAVED data to the radio operator. The radio operator can LOAD that
data file into their ICS213 to send on via Winlink.”*A  USB Flash Drive is
required to completely carry out this exercise.
You will simulate a served agency entering an ICS213 on their computer
without Winlink Express. The USB drive provides the transport between the
served agency computer and your Winlink Express enabled computer.
Try it out, you may find many other uses for this method of creating and
using Forms form Winlink  Express.
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