The Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club members have a diverse set of experience and expertise and many are willing to act as Mentors or Experts and share that knowledge with other hams, especially newer hams. Mentors (also known as Elmers) are hams who befriend other hams and guide them through the hobby as they build their shack and study for higher licenses. Experts are people with knowledge in a specific area who are willing to share that knowledge with other hams.

On this page, members can review a list of BARC Experts who have volunteered their expertise and are willing to help other members and answer questions or even visit your shack and help you set up equipment or solve problems. If you are looking for a Mentor, come to the Membership Meetings and talk to BARC Members and strike up a friendship with somebody who has similar interests.

If you have a question for an Expert, go to the Contact page and send us your question along with the name of an expert with whom you would like to work. Or just send in a question and your email will be forwarded to an appropriate BARC Expert.

BARC Experts

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