Tech Night Class.

Future Tech Nights

Future Tech Nights:

  • July 31, 2024 – Build Budget Code Practice Oscillator) – Tim Procuniar, N8NQH and Jim Gifford. Please email Jim Gifford, Tim Procuniar, and Bob French if you plan to attend. We want to make sure we have a kit for you. There is a small charge for the kit.
  • August 21st and 28th – Build-A-Hotspot – Ray Hitt N8VMX
  • September 25th – TBD
  • October 30th – TBD

I hope to keep us planned for at least 2 meetings ahead, so people have enough time to purchase components if needed.

Current Presentation Backlog and growing. It would great if you can present or assist others.

  • “Duplexers and Tuning” – Tim
    • Why duplexers are needed for repeaters, and actual tuning demonstration. Around 60 minutes.
  • “APRS-GPS” – Tim
    • A 101 type presentation on the basics of APRS and sending your GPS coordinates over ham radio.  40 minutes.
  • “Wide-Narrow Band” – Tim
    • Takes the confusion out of the use of “Narrow” and ‘Wide” in this 21st century.  Short, 10 minutes; most of the time this is included with one of the other presentations.
  • “Usage of microcontrollers in Ham projects” Part 1 – Bob
    • Demonstration of Arduino IDE, MicroPython and Microcontroller simulation software. Discussion of practical application of the technology for Ham Radio.
  • Setting up and using a Raspberry Pi 4 or 5 either as a ham shack digital mode computer or for FT-8 on POTA. – Ray
  • KiwiSDR presentation: The presentation will be mostly on the worldwide network the receivers are connected to.  How you can use the network of receivers for ham radio and other interests. Mike Suhar  W8RKO
  • Solar / Battery Powered micro radio builds
  • Raspberry PI for POTA (Technight and POTA related)


Next Tech Night

The next Tech Night is Wednesday, April 24, at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. Tim Procuniar, N8NQH, will present

“Crimp Coax Connectors and Sealing Workshop”

Complete step-by-step instructions; every club member attending can install a connector.  The club will furnish the connectors and supplies.  If you have your own coax crimp tool, please bring it along.  I will have mine for loan,  and the BARC club owns one as well that we can use.

This workshop will concentrate on RG-58 coax and PL-259 connectors.

Tech Night Restart

We are relaunching Tech Night on the 4th Wednesday of every month beginning January 24, at 7:00 PM.

Date: Wednesday 24th January 2024
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: BARC Clubhouse
Presentation: Handheld Antenna Comparison – In depth presentation with live demonstration.  About 30 minutes
Presenter: Tim Procuniar, N8NQH
Background Knowledge that would be helpful: General Knowledge of Antennas

All members regardless of knowledge or experience are always welcome and encouraged to attend. 



DC Circuit and Micro Transceiver Interest Group

BARC will be hosting a DC Circuit and Micro Transceiver Interest Goup on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 6:30 pm at the clubhouse. Dave Kender, KD8WSW, will be the instructor. More information will be emailed to members soon.

For more information, read the class description here.

BARC Build-A-Repeater (BAR) Project

The BARC BAR repeater is now on the air at 442.675+ (118.8 Hz CTCSS).

The BARC Build-A-Repeater or BAR project (where club members will build an amateur radio repeater and then place it on the air) will start in September.  These are in-depth classes covering all aspects of the process of assembling a repeater, requirements by the FCC and OARC for proper operation, and site/antenna specifics.  At the end of the project, attendees should feel confident to try this on their own.

Classes will be held at the clubhouse, twice per month; the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month starting @ 7pm and lasting around 1.5 hours.  Email reminders will be sent out in advance.

Each class will consist of a short PowerPoint presentation covering a specific section of the project, followed by a hands-on session where members can participate in the actual construction.

The first class is scheduled on Monday, September 11, at 7pm at the clubhouse.

Past Presentations

Antenna Matching Networks
Hotspots 101 and the MMDVM HAT
YSF2DMR Through A Hotspot
SharkRF OS3 Hotspot
Introduction to Arduino
Introduction to DMR
Introduction to JS8Call
The Nano VNA