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BARC Sunday Night Net

Remember to join your friends for the BARC weekly Net on Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM on the BARC 2m repeater, 147.045 (+) (118.8 Hz tone). The Net provides an opportunity between Club meetings to share news and information about Club and personal projects and activities. The monthly BARC Net Control Stations are:

First SundaySecond SundayThird SundayFourth SundayFifth Sunday
Larry Darner, KD8RERTink Siwecki, KD8NUAJoe Menchaca, KE8UUQPaul Sharp, WS8RJohn Westerkamp, W8LRJ

Alternate: James Dean, W8UD

If you would like to be a Net Control Station for the BARC Net, send an email to Paul Sharp, WS8R. You can download a copy of the Net Script by clicking here.

BARC Emergency Net

In the event of an actual, anticipated or potential emergency situation, MONITOR (or ACTIVATE) Greene County Information & Alerting Net on 147.165+(123 Hz) – Alt: 147.045

Dayton SKYWARN – Miami Valley/W. Cen. Ohio/IN White Water Valley

In the event of an actual, anticipated or potential emergency situation Dayton SKYWARN – Section Net on 146.64+(123.0 Hz) collects, relays and coordinates individual NWS SKYWARN Nets in 15+ Counties in W. Central Ohio (12+) and SW Indiana (3). Net activation is usually only upon request of NWS, Wilmington Ohio. Net Manager: KB8TCK.

Miami Valley Repeaters

CallFreqTone (Hz)LocationST/PRCounty
70 cm
N8NQH (DMR)444.43750+CC; 11DaytonOHMontgomery
N8NQH (DMR)444.87500+CC: 13BellbrookOHGreene
NO8I442.95000+118.8Huber HeightsOHMiami
W8AK442.92500+123.0Huber HeightsOHMontgomery
W8DGN (BAR)442.67500+118.8BellbrookOHGreene
CallFrequencyTone (Hz)LocationST/PRCounty
KD3WCO-10 (VARA)145.03000simplexVandaliaOHMontgomery

Ham Radio Calendar

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Miami Valley Nets

EST TimeDescriptionLast Date Verfied
Sunday7:00 PMNewcomers & Elmers Net – (Cincinnati) 146.670 (-) (123.0 PL)22-Feb
Sunday8:00 PMBARC Weekly Net – 147.045 (+) (118.8 Hz tone) [Alt = 443.675]22-Feb
Sunday9:00 PMMiami Co. Voice & Data Net (Data Net follows Voice Net) 145.230 (-) (no PL)22-Feb
Monday8:30 PMOhio DMR Net, 444.875+, Color Code 13, TG 3139, TS 1 website: tim-
Tuesdays7:00 PMDayton Veterans Admin Amateur Radio Club Net (W8DVA) 145.110 (-)(67.0 PL)22-Feb
Tuesdays7:15 PMOhio ARES HF Net W8SGT Net Control at OEMA HQ Primary: 3902 KHz LSB (+/- QRM) Alternate: 7240 KHz LSB (+/- QRM)22-Feb
Tuesdays7:45 PM1945 Ohio Digital Emergency Net Primary: 3584.5 KHz USB (1500 WF) Alternate: 7072 KHz USB22-Feb
Tuesdays8:00 PMMoCoARES Voice Net, 8pm Tuesday, 146.64 PL 123.0, 444.250 PL 123.0, 2nd Tuesday of month no net on meeting nights (last Tues of month) Digital Net immediately follows Voice Net (MT63-2000L) website: www.mocoares.org09 Mar
Tuesday8:30 PM2030 Greene County DMR Net Primary: 444.875+, Color Code 13 TG 310557 website:
Tuesdays9:00 PM2100 GCARES Net (Voice & Data) 146.910 (-)(no PL) [Alt = 442.725] website: gcares.net22-Feb
Wednesdays8:00 PMOhio District 3 ARES Net (West Central Ohio Regional Net) Primary: 145.110 (-) ( 67.0 PL) Alternate: 146.820 (-) ( 77.0 PL) website: ohd3ares.org22-Feb
Wednesdays8:00 PMBeginners Net: 2000 Beginners Net (Dayton Area) 444.875 (+) (94.8 PL) (Dayton Area) 444.875 (+) (94.8 PL)22-Feb
Wednesdays9:00 PMClark County Amateur Radio Club, RX 146.250 / TX 146.850 (-) PL Open web Page:
Weekdays M-F11:30 AMThe 11:30 DMR Net on TG 310557. Laid back, talk net.
Daily10:30 AMOHIO SINGLE SIDEBAND NET – 3972.5 KHz22-Feb
Daily4:15 PMOHIO SINGLE SIDEBAND NET – 3972.5 KHz22-Feb
Daily6:15 PMOHIO SINGLE SIDEBAND NET – 3972.5 KHz22-Feb
ActivationN/AWhen activated, you will find us on 14.325 MHz by day and 7.268 MHz by night. – Review Web Page:
ActivationN/ASATERN – Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network – See web page for information:
** Winlink Nets **
MondayAll DayFlorida Winlink Net, To:W4AKH : Subject: FL WL NET, first name, city, State abbreviation, Mode (VARA , ARDOP, any etc..) ,P2P (if p2p), optional RMS station and path – See website for details: Mar
Tuesday6 am – 9 pmGCARES Winlink Net Send To: W8LRJ, Cc: N8ADO – Net, please use the following format: Callsign, Name, City, County, ARES District, State, and How Connected (Frequency and Callsign of Winlink Gateway or Telnet).22-Feb
Wednesday6 am – 9 pmOhio Winlink Net: Send To: K8EAF, Cc: W8LRJ, N8ADO – Enter K8EAF in the “To” field. Subject field “OH Winlink Net Check-in”. In the body field enter callsign, first name, city, county, state and via what mode. –
Wednesday Winlink Wednesday Check-In – To: KW6GB (or alternate NCS, as appropriate) Subject: Winlink Wednesday Check-In Message body: call sign, first name, city or town, county, state (HF or VHF, etc.) Web site: web at https://winlinkwednesday.net22-Feb
2nd Thursday6 am – 9 pmRed Cross EmComm Exercise – info: