Dessert and Movie Night is always on the 4th Thursday of each month and held at the BARC Clubhouse starting at 7:00 pm. BARC members get together to watch a movie together and enjoy some movie-themed desserts. As always, there is also BARC’s famous popcorn!

July 27, 202365
August 24, 2023The Zoo Keeper’s Wife
September 28, 2023Northfork
October 26, 2023The Trouble With Harry

That leaves us five opportunities this movie season for movie and dessert suggestions. We like to research each movie to find out if they have a specific food/dessert that ties in and try to serve that. If you have a suggestion for a movie and/or dessert for June through October just drop us an email.

Past movies and desserts:

June 22, 2023Everything Everywhere All at Once
May 25, 2023Uncharted
April 27, 2023A Man Called Otto
March 30, 2023Darby O’Gill and the Little People with Irish Scones and Jam
February 23, 2023 My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Apple & Oranges Bundt cake & Baklava
January 26, 2023Maverick-Top Gun with Cheese cake

73, Tink, KD8NUA