June Field Day

One of BARC’s biggest yearly events is the June Field Day. During June Field Day, we set up a number of antennas and radio stations at Sackett-Wright Park in Bellbrook, OH, and try to make as many contacts as possible over a single weekend. We have dinner at the park and enjoy the company of our fellow hams as well as local dignitaries who stop by to see what amateur radio is all about. Field Day is always the 4th full weekend in June. Click here for photos from past Field Days.

Field Day is a great way to come out and learn what Amateur Radio is all about and meet some great BARC members. Even if you don’t have a license, you can work a radio and join in all the fun. We look forward to meeting you! Check out the video below and join in this fun-filled, family event.

Fall Field Day

BARC Fall Field Day is also the September Operating Afternoon and is held in conjunction with Ohio State Parks on the Air. OSPOTA is always held the first Saturday after Labor Day every year. Watch the website for where we will activate each year.

Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day is always held the last full weekend in January so conditions can be challenging! Normally we set up at Hills and Dales Park at the Paw Paw Pavillion, but watch the website for where we will activate each year.