Winter Field Day

The Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a Winter Field Day on Saturday, January 28, from 1400 to 1800 EST at the Hills and Dales MetroPark Paw Paw shelter (2471 Deep Hollow Road, Kettering). It is a large protected shelter with plenty of parking, heated bathrooms, encircled with open areas backed by tall, bare trees for easy antenna setup. There is a large central fireplace onsite and wood has been purchased. A large propane outdoor heater will also be available. Chili will be available along with coffee and other drinks. There will be a generator on-site, but you are free to work with a battery or solar power.

Unlike regular Field Day in June, this is a less formal event and operators should bring their own equipment and antennas or be prepared to work another member’s radio. This is a great chance to test out any homebrewed antennas you have built. We will coordinate bands, modes, and antenna placement on-site. Our main goals for the afternoon are to have fun and make contacts (and keep warm)! Several Extra Class operators will be on-site so Technician Class hams and newer operators are encouraged to join us for this fun and education event and get on the air!

For more information on Winter Field Day and to see the rules, click here. For local information and to RSVP if you will be attending, please contact Glenn Rodgers, KE8LZD.