North American QSO Party at BARC!

The clubhouse will be open next Saturday, January 21, for the North American QSO Party from 12:30 pm until about 6 pm or later if there is interest. You are always welcome to stay and use the radios.

The North American QSO Parties are favorites of beginners and seasoned operators alike. The NAQPs are low-power only (no amplifiers allowed) which makes for a lot more breathing room on the bands. The contest goes for 12 hours beginning at 1:00 pm Saturday. For more information and the rules, click here.

Contests like the NAQP are great for any ham who would like to improve their operating skills, but especially for new hams so they can experience life on the HF bands in a scripted environment (the exchange is just “YOUR_NAME Ohio”). Come learn how to call CQ and respond to other stations calling CQ and get comfortable with a microphone and PTT switch!

Extra Class Mentors will be on-hand so even Technician Class operators can join the fun and are especially welcome as this will be a teaching environment rather than a competitive one. You can also use this experience to get ready for the Winter Field Day the following weekend, January 28 (and be warm, too!).

Come join the fun!