Last Sunday, March 5, the clubhouse was rocking with 14 members and a couple of guests who stopped in to work the ARRL DX SSB Contest. We started by going over how to get into the clubhouse using the outside lockbox, then went over using the antenna and rotor patch panels to connect an antenna to a radio, and then went over turning on and setting up the radios for a certain band.

Next, we all discussed the contest exchange and what to expect while listening to a few exchanges on the air. Members learned to listen to and match the operator’s cadence (slow or fast) and to recognize when a contact was completed so they could throw out their callsign. There were lots of on-the-fly tips and hints on working a pile-up and how to respond when the operator says “W8 Again?”

It was a great afternoon of fellowship, learning, and playing radio while we shared stories, some great snacks, and just had fun. Be sure to join us for our next clubhouse operating event on Sunday April 16, the ARRL Rookie Roundup. This is a great one for new hams (3 years or less) since stations are looking for rookies. We will do more running at this contest!