R9 Vertical Mount Installed!

After a lot of failed efforts, we finally found a hammer drill large enough to handle the old brick and mortar on the clubhouse rooftop! Out intrepid construction team of Tim Procuniar, N8NQH, Glenn Rodgers, KE8LZD, Paul Sharp, WS8R, and John Westerkamp, W8LRJ, picked a beautiful day last Friday, June 9, and ventured up onto the BARC clubhouse rooftop with the drill and a lots of hope that this would be the day.

After lots of effort (thanks, Tim!!), we finally had the tilt-over antenna bracket mounted on the wall. We can now turn our attention to the installation of the Cushcraft R9 80-10 meter vertical antenna. Be sure to watch your email for the announcement of the antenna raising party soon! We will make it a club event and fun day.