Field Day 2023 Fun

Last weekend, June 24 and 25, the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) took part in another ARRL Field Day. Club members worked together to set up several radio stations and antennas at Sackett-Wright Park in Bellbrook and then operated for 24 hours straight on generator, solar, and battery power only making contacts all over North America as well as several DX contacts. Results will be posted later, but you can visit the BARC Facebook page for tons of photos.

We also had an interview with Don Parker, KB8PSL, representing Skywarn and Ray HItt, N8VMX, the BARC President and Field Day Coordinator. You can check out the entire WHIO interview here.

Here are a couple of photos from the overnight crew who always get to enjoy the morning fog as it rolls in and the beautiful sunrise (as well as the cold Dot’s chicken!).