Shack Tours Are Back!

Greetings from your Greeter… and Shack Tour Coordinator! I’m hoping you will all help me with this since I don’t have any experience with it yet… but I think we’ve got a good start planned for you!  This will be a work in progress so please give me feedback and suggestions after our 1st tour for this year.  Here is the proposal, if you’re interested and it works into your schedule… reply to me via this email and I’ll put you on the list.  We will fill this tour on a first come first serve basis, and if too many signups for 1 tour we’ll repeat this one at a later time or date.  

OUR FIRST TOUR: will be on Sunday, May 15th starting at 12:30 pm.  This tour will include 3 different stations which should give some ideas to our newer members before Hamvention, and will be fun for those of you who already have established shacks!  I ask that when you respond to sign up for this one… please give me your:  Call Sign (or “no call yet”), Name, Phone #, and let me know if you will meet at the 1st house or if you prefer to meet at BARC clubhouse :30 minutes prior.  Please share rides if possible so we don’t overload shack locations.  If anyone wants to meet at BARC, I’ll be there at noon and lead you to 1st stop.  This tour will begin with…

Stu Holzer  … I haven’t been to Stu’s shack but have it on excellent authority that it’s one of beauty! I’m sure this will be informative as well as showing us a shack to be jealous of.  But not to worry, I’m sure he’s going to share all his secrets and share great ideas!
7836 Millerton Dr, Centerville, OH 45459

Glenn Rodgers  … My Shack is “less well established”, in fact it’s actually more of a “work in progress”.  But I can offer some great advice on “what not to do, and why it didn’t work”, which will be helpful for new members… and should give older members a good laugh or two.  I don’t charge extra for the comedy show, and will be happy to accept any suggestions for improvements that you may have.  I have 4 antennas I can talk about as well as showing you how I’ve run my coax into the house.
2451 Glenboro Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45431

Paul Sharp … I haven’t seen very many shacks, but Paul’s has to be the “Cleanest, most sophisticated, and Functional” setup I’ve had the privilege of visiting.  His will also be an “inside & out” show… you’ll be interested in everything from his antenna system entering the house to his clean approach to the radio’s.  You’ll see that a shack doesn’t have to have 8 radios setting front of you all the time.  You’ll be surprised how little he has on the desk… but then he’ll hit you with “the room where the magic happens”… and if you’ve ever wondered if you have your equipment grounded enough.. you’ll see something to give you new ideas!  I know i’m taking another look at my grounding and bonding after seeing his setup!
1599 Trebein Rd, Xenia, OH 45385

OK… You wanted a Shack Tour so here’s the first one.  If it proves popular we’ll certainly have more.  After seeing these I’m hoping that I’ll get feedback on how I can make the next one better, as well as a few more members who might be willing to let us tour your shack.  It’s our club, lets make the most of it… I’ll get back to each of you who sign up and if you have any suggesting to improve this first tour, I will look into it and implement if possible on this one.

73  Glenn KE8LZD