May Newsletter Now Available!

May is Hamvention month and it won’t be long until Field Day is here, too. Check out the May issue of Full Quieting, The BARC newsletter, where Ray Hitt, N8VMX, has put together several articles with information on Hamvention and Field Day. Be sure to volunteer for the Hamvention Flea Market Booth and help BARC earn some money selling our leftover equipment You can also sign up for Field Day set up and teardown!

This issue also has a great article by N8VMX about the Epic PWRgate from West Mountain Radio. This hady device allows you to connect a power supply, battery, and solar panel to power your radio and will automatically switch to battery power if the power supply fails or loses power. The solar panel charges your battery the entire time, too, and can run the radio if the panel is big enough. Check it out by clicking on the Newsletter tab at the top of the page or by clicking here.